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Who is PureBreed.AI

We are a group of horse racing enthusiasts and technology professionals who came together to solve the dilemma of race horse owners intending to purchase a thoroughbred at an auction. We have developed an artificial intelligence-backed platform, that provides simple and transparent means to assess and benchmark auction lots on sale, enabling race horse owners make better informed decisions, and enhance their return on investment.

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Given that market prices for thoroughbreds at auctions are mainly driven by big Stallions, Dam, and Dam sire’ names, the average breeder is finding it difficult to sustain a business that does not recover the money invested to bring a foal to a sale at an auction. This is resulting in many leaving the industry every year, impacting further job losses down the supply chain, therefore reducing income mainly supporting the rural communities. Our purpose is to safeguard a declining breeding community in UK and Ireland from going out of business, and retain their knowledge within the industry. is committed to giving back to the community.


Simple and transparent dashboards


Quantify how good is the auction lot you are considering

Predictive Analytics

Get insights on racing career potential winnings

Artificial Intelligence

Inference of 300K+ thoroughbreds, 300K+ races & race conditions


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than the other” George Orwell

Compare auction lots against each other

The Edge

Get insights on race distance and going to improve chance of winning

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With all available knowledge in the industry today, the average chance of a thoroughbred winning a race is 3%-4%. Complement your purchase decision with data analytics to get more confidence in achieving the best value for your money spent

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Our platform gives you transparency of auction lots that you have not considered

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